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Fourth International Conference on Frontiers in Nanoscience and Technology, COCHIN NANO 2016 to be held during February 20 to 23, 2016Top

Our Alumni Dr. T. N. Narayanan has been selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences

Publications 2019

    1. Room Temperature Magnetoelectric Properties of Lead-Free Alkaline Niobate Based Particulate Composites; CS Chitra Lekha, Ajith S Kumar, S Vivek, K Venkata Saravanan, MR Anantharaman, KP Surendran, K Nandakumar, Swapna S Nair; Ceramics International
    2. Tin sulfide: Reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for photovoltaic and electrochemical applications; J Johny, S Sepulveda-Guzman, B Krishnan, DA Avellaneda, JA Aguilar Martinez, MR Anantharaman, S Shaji; Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 189, 53-62
    3. A stealth emulsion based on natural rubber latex, core-shell ferrofluid/carbon black in the S and X -band; V Sreedharan, A Nair Balachandran, M Mani, R Joseph, P Mohanan, PA Joy, MR Anantharaman; Nanotechnology; 10.1088/1361-6528/ab1194 2
    4. Magnetoelectric coupling in strained strontium titanate and Metglas based magnetoelectric trilayer; S Vivek, P Geetha, KV Saravanan, SK Ajith, CS Chitralekha, K Sudheendran, MR Anantharaman, SS Nair; Journal of Alloys and Compounds; 2019/3/8
    5. On the microwave absorption of magnetic nanofluids based on barium hexaferrite in the S and X bands prepared by pulsed laser ablation in liquid; VN Archana, Manoj Mani, Jacob Johny, S Vinayasree, P Mohanan, Marco A Garza-Navarro, Sadasivan Shaji, MR Anantharaman; AIP Advances
    6. Radio frequency plasma polymerized thin film based on eucalyptus oil as low dielectric permittivity, visible and near-infrared (NIR) photoluminescent material; Beena Mol, Jemy James, KK Anoop, Indra Sulaniya, Cyriac Joseph, MR Anantharaman, Junaid Bushiri; Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics; 2019
    7. Effect of CoFe 2 O 4 weight fraction on multiferroic and magnetoelectric properties of (1− x) Ba 0.85 Ca 0.15 Zr 0.1 Ti 0.9 O 3− xCoFe 2 O 4 particulate composites; Ajith S Kumar, CS Chitra Lekha, S Vivek, K Nandakumar, MR Anantharaman, Swapna S Nair; Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics; 2019
    8. Bistability of magnetic states in Fe-Pd nanocap arrays; PB Aravind, M Heigl, M Fix, F Groß, J Gräfe, A Mary, CR Rajgowrav, M Krupiński, M Marszałek, S Thomas, MR Anantharaman, M Albrecht; Nanotechnology; 2019