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Young Scientist Award for Dr. Senoy ThomasTop

  1. Prof. M R Anantharaman was awarded the ‘BOYSCAST’ fellowship by the Dept. of Science   and Technology (Govt. of India) to carry out research work at the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 1993.
  2. Prof. M R Anantharaman was awarded the best paper prize by the Material Research Society of India, for the best paper published during 1997 in the Bull. of Mat. Science (Indian Academy of Sciences), 1998.
  3. Dr. K A Malini of Magnetics Laboratory got the Women Scientist award by DST in 2003.
  4. Prof. M R Anantharaman, Dr Senoy Thomas and Dr. Veena Gopalan E were awarded the best poster presentation in Second International Conference in Frontiers in Nanoscience and Technology, Cochin Nano-2009.
  5. Prof. M R Anantharaman and Ms.Reena Mary A P was awarded the best Poster presentation in Kerala Science Congress-2010 held at Thrissur.
  6. Prof. M R Anantharaman and Dr. Senoy Thomas was awarded the best poster presentation in Third International Conference on Frontiers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology- Cochin Nano'09, August 14-17, 2011 held at Cochin.
  7. Dr. S. Saravanan of Magnetics Laboratory, Department of Physics, received the Endeavour Research fellowship of the Government of Australia. Dr. S Saravanan is one of the two researchers from India to receive this prestigious fellowship.
  8. Prof. M R Anantharaman has 4 years of industrial experience while working as assistant manager R&D, Carbon & Chemicals India Ltd, presently Philips Carbon, Cochin, Kerala.
  9. Visiting associate at Nuclear Science Center, New Delhi, presently Inter University Accelerator Center.
  10. Miss.Lisha Raghavan and Prof. M R Anantharaman was awarded the Best Poster Presentation in ICMAGMA 2014 held at Pondicherry University during 15-17 September 2014