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Young Scientist Award for Dr. Senoy ThomasTop

On going Projects
  • SERB sponsored project entitled“Artificial muscles based on ferrogels fibers”
  • DST-SERB project entitled "Magnetic vortices on curved surfaces"-(PI-Dr. Senoy Thomas)
  • UGC-BSR Start-up project entitled "Development of rare-earth-free, exchange spring magnetsfor energy applications"-(PI-Dr. Senoy Thomas)

Completed Projects

  • DST NanoMission sponsored project entitled “Fabrication of Magnetic Nanostructures Employing Oblique Angle Vapour Deposition and Investigations on their Structural and Magnetic Properties”.
  • DST-DAAD - III Indo-German Project based Personnel Exchange Program entitled "Core-shell nanostructures based on ferrites by plasma polymerization for enhanced magnetization and gaint dielectric permittivity"
  • BRNS sponsored project entitled “Investigations on multiferroic materials based on Rare  Earth  Manganites”.
  • Tailoring Magnetic Characteristics and Possible Patterning of Fe- Ni Based Alloy Thin Films Using SHI” - IUAC, New Delhi.
  • DST-DAAD - II Indo-German Project based Personnel Exchange Program entitled "Oblique Angle Deposition by Fe-Ni film growth on to curved surfaces".
  • DAE-IREL Project entitled “Development of Magneto Rheological Elastomers using Rare Earth Elements".
  • DST-DAAD - I Indo-German Project based personnel exchange programme “Investigations on the effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the structural, magnetic and magneto-optical properties of fine met and other magnetic thin films”- Inter University accelerator centre (New Delhi).
  • Investigations on magnetic nano composites based on ferrites” -DST,Government of India.
  • Studies on applications of Conducting Polymers for possible devices” - ISRO, Govt. of India.
  • Neutron scattering studies on ultra fine zinc ferrites for the evaluation of magnetic structure” - IUC DAEF, Mumbai.
  • Investigations on the magnetic, structural and electrical properties of some normal spinels in the nano regime” - TWAS, Trieste, Italy.
  • “Growth of acicular polycrystals in complexing media”-UGC Minor.
  • “Development of magnetic elastomer matrices”- STED Government of Kerala.
  • “Preparation and Characterisation of some magnetic nanocomposite” - UGC.
  • “Centre for magnetic composites based on ferrites” - AICTE, Government of India.
  • Development of new magnetic materials based on Gamma ferric oxide”- DST, Government of India.
  • Development of a microwave absorber based on natural rubber and ferrites” - KSCSTE, Government of Kerala.
  • “Centre for ferrofluids” - AICTE, Government of India.