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Fourth International Conference on Frontiers in Nanoscience and Technology, COCHIN NANO 2016 to be held during February 20 to 23, 2016Top

Our Alumni Dr. T. N. Narayanan has been selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences

Publications 2013

      1. Annealing induced low coercivity, nanocrystalline Co-Fe-Si thin films exhibiting inverse cosine angular variation, T.Hysen, SalimAl-Harthi, I.A.Al-Omari, P.Geetha, R.Lisha, R.V.Ramanujan, D.Sakthikumar, M.R. Anantharaman, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials341(2013)165-172
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      3. Magnetic and topographical modifications of amorphous Co-Fe thin films induced by high energy Ag7+ ion irradiation, G Pookat, T Hysen, S H Al-Harthi, I A Al-Omari, R Lisha, D K Avasthi, M R Anantharaman, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 310 (2013) 81-86
      4. Covalently Interconnected Three Dimensional Graphene Oxide Solids, Parambath M. Sudeep, Tharangattu N. Narayanan, Aswathi Ganesan, Manikoth M. Shaijumon, Hyunseung Yang, Sehmus Ozden, Prabir K. Patra, Matteo Pasquali, Robert Vajtai, Sabyasachi Ganguli, Ajit K. Roy, Maliemadom R. Anantharaman, Pulickel M. Ajayan, ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/nn402272u
      5. Lead free heterogeneous multilayers with giant magneto electric coupling for microelectronics/micro electro mechanical systems applications, Swapna S. Nair, G. Pookat, Venkata Saravanan, and M. R. Anantharaman, Journal of Applied Physics, DOI: 10.1063/1.4818411.
      6. Evolution of structural and magnetic properties of Co-Fe based metallic glass thin Films with thermal annealing, G. Pookat , H. Thomas , S. Thomas , S.H. Al-Harthi , L. Raghavan, I.A. Al-Omari , D. Sakthikumar, R.V. Ramanujan and M.R. Anantharaman, Surface & Coatings Technology(2013) -18904
      7. Fluorinated graphene based electrodes for high performance primary lithium batteries, D. Damien, P. M. Sudeep, T. N. Narayanan, M. R. Anantharaman, P.M. Ajayan and M. M. Shaijumon, RSC Advances, 2013. doi: 10.1039/C3RA45377D
      8. Contact potential induced enhancement of magnetization in polyaniline coated nanomagnetic iron oxides by plasma polymerization, N. Sethulakshmi, V. Sooraj, U. S. Sajeev, Swapna S. Nair, T. N. Narayanan, Lija K. Joy, P. A. Joy, P. M. Ajayan, and M. R. Anantharaman, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 103, 162414 (2013)