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Fourth International Conference on Frontiers in Nanoscience and Technology, COCHIN NANO 2016 to be held during February 20 to 23, 2016Top

Our Alumni Dr. T. N. Narayanan has been selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences

On going Projects
  • SERB sponsored project entitled“Artificial muscles based on ferrogels fibers”
  • DST-DAAD - III Indo-German Project based Personnel Exchange Program entitled "Core-shell nanostructures based on ferrites by plasma polymerization for enhanced magnetization and gaint dielectric permittivity"

Completed Projects

  • DST NanoMission sponsored project entitled “Fabrication of Magnetic Nanostructures Employing Oblique Angle Vapour Deposition and Investigations on their Structural and Magnetic Properties”.
  • BRNS sponsored project entitled “Investigations on multiferroic materials based on Rare  Earth  Manganites”.
  • Tailoring Magnetic Characteristics and Possible Patterning of Fe- Ni Based Alloy Thin Films Using SHI” - IUAC, New Delhi.
  • DST-DAAD - II Indo-German Project based Personnel Exchange Program entitled "Oblique Angle Deposition by Fe-Ni film growth on to curved surfaces".
  • DAE-IREL Project entitled “Development of Magneto Rheological Elastomers using Rare Earth Elements".
  • DST-DAAD - I Indo-German Project based personnel exchange programme “Investigations on the effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the structural, magnetic and magneto-optical properties of fine met and other magnetic thin films”- Inter University accelerator centre (New Delhi).
  • Investigations on magnetic nano composites based on ferrites” -DST,Government of India.
  • Studies on applications of Conducting Polymers for possible devices” - ISRO, Govt. of India.
  • Neutron scattering studies on ultra fine zinc ferrites for the evaluation of magnetic structure” - IUC DAEF, Mumbai.
  • Investigations on the magnetic, structural and electrical properties of some normal spinels in the nano regime” - TWAS, Trieste, Italy.
  • “Growth of acicular polycrystals in complexing media”-UGC Minor.
  • “Development of magnetic elastomer matrices”- STED Government of Kerala.
  • “Preparation and Characterisation of some magnetic nanocomposite” - UGC.
  • “Centre for magnetic composites based on ferrites” - AICTE, Government of India.
  • Development of new magnetic materials based on Gamma ferric oxide”- DST, Government of India.
  • Development of a microwave absorber based on natural rubber and ferrites” - KSCSTE, Government of Kerala.
  • “Centre for ferrofluids” - AICTE, Government of India.